Wouldn't It Be Great if Everyone Said What They Meant?

The Card That Means What It Says

Citibank – Double Cash card

In 2016, Citi launched an integrated campaign that established the Double Cash card as a simple, straightforward antidote to the category conventions of fine print and red tape.

By crafting a wealth of immersive digital content to support the TV campaign we were able to make a huge splash while also earning ourselves an Effie. Not bad.


In social, a series of cinemagraphs helped some of the internet’s most common phrases mean what they say literally.

Office Moments 

We also partnered with Buzzfeed to create Office Moments #Literally Everyone Can Relate To. By constructing an office where jargon is taken #Literally, we were able to maintain a fun and pervasive world where everyone means exactly what they say.

Watch the complete series here.

Front Row #Literally

As part of the Citi Concert Series, we created a 360 experience for DNCE's Today Show concert. Google VR headsets were mailed to the first 10,000 fans to RSVP. Each headset featured 1 of 4 band members and enabled fans to see the concert firsthand, because when we say front row, we really mean it.


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