Photos of Beautiful Food That Are Too Good Not to Share


Taste of the Nation

Citibank + NO KID HUNGRY

Citi and No Kid Hungry partner every year in an event that takes place in five cities across the US where people can try the best local flavors and donate money to end hunger in America. And where there’s food, there’s photos so we leveraged everyone's love of taking food photos to not only get noticed, but help drive donations to our partner charity.

This project won gold from The Content Council for corporate social responsibility.

This experience was designed with creativity and intuition in mind. 

We wanted to give users freedom to explore so we designed our Food Beautifiers with distinctive shapes.

The mirrored surfaces acted like an IRL photo filter that multiplies food.

In the end, our Food Beautifiers made food look good and do good. The amount of socially-triggered donations doubled from the previous year. A great success that put a dent in childhood hunger.


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